This guide includes: 

  1. Video Tutorial
  2. Step-by-Step Instructions
    1. 1. The Home Screen
    2. 2. Choose a Transport Pass
    3. 3. Payment

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. The Home Screen

On the home screen tap the 'Purchase a transport pass button'

This will bring you to a list of the available transport passes offered by ODIN PASS. 

2. Choose a Transport Pass

Read through the available options making sure to take note of the prices and services offered by each pass to find the one that best suites you. Tapping a pass option will display an in-depth overview of each pass, including a full description of inclusions.

3. Payment

To confirm your purchase, tap the 'Purchase this transport pass' button and tap 'confirm' on the pop-up confirmation box to proceed to the checkout screen.

At the checkout, tap the 'Pay from' button to select a previously entered method of payment or to add a new payment method. 

Once a valid payment method has been added, tap 'Subscribe' to buy your ODIN PASS transport pass. 

If you experience any payment errors, first try fully closing the app and reopening it to see if the payment was successful. If you do experience an error, please send us a message at:

After successful payment, the purchased mobility pass is shown as your current pass, and the expiry date is also shown. 

Click here to find out how the expiry date for the mobility pass is calculated.