As the ODIN PASS trial expands, users will gain access to different reward offers. You can earn reward points for different transport choices you make in the app, and for participating in surveys. You can use these reward points to redeem different offers in the ODIN PASS rewards portal. Initially, these offers will be restricted to discounts off future plan purchases through the ODIN PASS app.

To review your rewards points balance and offers, navigate to the 'My Rewards' tab by tapping the 'Manage' button next to 'My Rewards' on the home screen.

Featured rewards will show on this page. You can see all rewards currently available by tapping 'View all'.

Scroll through and select the reward that you wish to redeem with your points. In the future you will be able to redeem offers directly here by tapping the 'redeem' button - excluding cash back offers. Cashback offers are automatically made available at the checkout.

For redeem cashback rewards, you have the option to take a discount of your next pass purchase directly at the checkout. After choosing the pass you wish to purchase, you can select to receive a discount on the purchase. The amount shown, is the amount you will pay with the discount applied. You are able to save up reward points and take discounts off any future purchase.