The ODIN PASS app operates independently from the goCard ticketing system as it currently does not support tapping on/off phones. Users directly book public transport trips in the ODIN PASS app - this mimics a traditional paper ticket. Users do not use their goCard when subscribed to the ODIN PASS scheme.

In order to ensure you're never without a travel option, our End User License Agreement requires all ODIN PASS users to carry their own personal goCard for any circumstances where the ODIN PASS app is unavailable. 

If you are in the unlikely, but possible situation where the ODIN PASS app is not working, you will need to use your goCard as a backup option. Please let us know as soon as possible if this occurs, with as much detail as possible so we can investigate the issue further:

Please note: Since the ODIN PASS public transport ticketing system operates independently to goCard, if you use your goCard you will be charged for that usage. 

ODIN PASS has no way of reconcilling any goCard usage with our system, so we have limited options for recovering any funds spent using the goCard system, and in most circumstances will not be able to refund any goCard usage. 

The good news is that while the ODIN PASS digital ticket must be booked through the app, there is no need to do anything when you get off the bus. This means no more forgetting to tap off and getting charged for travel you don't make!