ODIN PASS members must register as users of each operator's service, agree to their terms and conditions, and observe local laws and private property rules when using shared micro-mobility devices. Please follow any signage along your journey, and respect the zones designated through each operator's app.

In the ODIN PASS app, shared micromobility services (e.g. e-scooters, bikes & e-bikes), such as Neuron, are offered as an alternative to walking to access, or get home from other transport options, such as trains and buses.

ODIN PASS users must register as users of Neuron devices, agree to their terms and conditions, wear a helmet, act responsibly, and follow rules for using micro-mobility devices in Queensland. You can read more on these here.

You can read about UQ's rideable rules here.

Brisbane City Council has also produced this useful table for understanding where e-scooters and e-bikes can be ridden in Brisbane - note that other rules apply in other local government areas:

Shared micromobility devices are only usable inside zones set by the operators (Neuron), and will cease to function upon exiting those zones.

Currently, the ODIN PASS app does not display the allowed operating zones of micromobility options, and may plan trips that include taking Neuron scooters and bikes outside of their zones. 

When finalising your booking through Neuron you should always check your destination is within their allowed riding zones.