In addition to improving accessibility to public transport hubs, a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform can make it easier for users to plan the optimum route from their origin to destination, based on real-time planning across a range of modes.

One of the major barriers to using public transport is accessing stops/stations. Through this trial we hope to provide alternative transport options (micro-mobility, taxis, etc) for first/last mile access to and from public transport, with the aim of encouraging a shift away from private vehicles.

Additionally, we want to trial a shift away from traditional pay-as-you-go pricing. Through ODIN PASS users will gain access to a monthly transport pass (plan) so that users are not ‘penalised’ each time they opt to use public transport. Our hypothesis is that through a fixed, monthly pass, users will display utility-maximising behaviour and will be encouraged to use public transport (and other non-private transport modes) more often.