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  1. Disclaimer
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Step-By-Step Example


Your public transport ticket is only valid if a profile photo is uploaded. You may receive a fine from TransLink if you are found to have not uploaded an appropriate profile photo of yourself to the ODIN PASS app.

Video Tutorial

Step-By-Step Example

To upload a profile photo for your odinpass account first make sure you are signed in to the ODIN PASS app using your username and password.

When you are logged in, tap the gear at the top left of the ODIN PASS home page to open the settings page.

On the settings page, tap the 'Edit your account' button to open your account page.

On your account page, tap the circle to upload a profile photo. 

Your profile photo should be similar in style to a passport photo, although you may smile if you wish to. You must be easily identified by the profile photo, otherwise there is a risk your public transport ticket will not be deemed valid, and you could receive a fine from TransLink.