There are four primary stages to the UQ MaaS trial research project:

Stage 1: 

Collection of pre-trial data from UQ Staff and Students - Given the novelty of MaaS programs, combined with fixed-cost pricing in transport, it is difficult to immediately assess consumer preferences towards this new scheme, and their willingness-to-pay for such a scheme. Stage 1 of this project involves the deployment of a stated preference survey to UQ students and staff to improve our understanding of their current travel behaviour choices, as well as their views on different MaaS fixed-cost passes/plans. Respondents will also be given the opportunity at the end of the survey to express their interest in participating in the Odin Pass scheme.

Stage 2: 

Establishment of the MaaS trial framework for the Odin Pass scheme - The trial framework establishes accounts with transport service providers; develops the ODIN smartphone app for users to plan and book trips and pay for MaaS passes; sets up the financial/business framework to faciliate collection of subscription revenue and payment of transport fees; establishes necessary insurances, and reporting of relevant financial/tax requirements; sets up agreements with other service providers to offer incentives through MaaS platform; and establishes protocols and systems for data collection, hosting, and reporting.

Stage 3: 

Deployment of the UQ MaaS trial- Participants will be directed to the ODIN app (Android and iOS) to choose between, and purchase, different MaaS passes/plans. The pricing of these passes will vary throughout the trial in order to determine participants willingness-to-pay for different offerings.

Stage 4: 

Analyse the results of the MaaS trial- The results of the Odin Pass scheme will be assessed on an ongoing basis from the initial deployment. The initial analysis will focus on determining the price equilibrium between MaaS pass payments and usage fees/subsidies by modifying OnePass pricing to manage demand. As a result, a sustainable business model for MaaS will be investigated.