TMR, UQ and ODIN PASS have worked closely to distribute information about this MaaS trial to public transport operators across South East Queensland through an official document called 'ticketing advice'.

All operators on the TransLink network in South East Queensland have been made aware of ODIN PASS as being an authorised public transport ticket.

You will not be fined if you are using a valid ticket through ODIN PASS.

If a driver or operator is unsure about your digital ticket, kindly ask them to check with their head office about the UQ trial called ODIN PASS. You can mention that ticketing advice has been sent out about ODIN PASS if they are unsure and want to find out more. 

You can also show them this ticketing advice, which is available to download by clicking here.

Drivers should not be asking you to use your goCard. If this occurs, we suggest you ask the driver for their bus number, and report this to us, along with the time you travelled on the service so we can follow up with the driver directly. We advise users not to use their goCards (even if requested to do so), and inform the driver that Senior Network Officers (SNOs) / Ticketing Offices know ODIN PASS is a valid ticket.

As you can imagine, there are thousands of people working on the TransLink network across South East Queensland, so it will take some time for every one to become familiar with ODIN PASS. 

As a participant in this trial you have exclusive access to an unlimited pass for the public transport network in SEQ, so this is where you can play an important role as an ambassador for this exciting program. 

This is a world-first for a university, and together we have the opportunity to create a fairer, more affordable and sustainable way to pay for transport.

If you have any problems at all, please contact us at:

ODIN PASS operates independently to the goCard ticketing system since it does not accept tapping on/off phones. ODIN PASS users book public transport tickets directly in the app, instead of using their goCard. The use of the app enables access to unlimited public transport. Users should continue to carry their goCard as a backup for emergency situations.