The goCard ticketing system does not currently support the use of other devices, such as phones, for tapping on/off. While it is planned for this capability to be available in the future, it is unlikely to be rolled out during this MaaS trial.

As a consequence, we have worked together with TransLink to develop a digital flash pass exclusively for ODIN PASS as an alternative to the goCard ticketing system. This digital ticket is what enables ODIN PASS to offer unlimited public transport as it is tied to an individual user, which we are unable to do via the current goCard system. The digital ticket mimics a traditional paper ticket, but with additional security features.

While this digital ticket must be booked through the ODIN PASS app, there is no need to do anything when you get off the bus. This means no more forgetting to tap off and getting charged for travel you don't make!

You can read more on the official ticketing advice issued by TransLink here.

If you have any suggestions on how the digital ticket could be improved, please send us your thoughts at: