In normal times, all users would be expected to show their digital tickets to drivers when boarding the front door on a bus - just like you normally would with a paper ticket.

Unfortunately, we are not living in normal times. Rear door boarding is still compulsory on buses in South East Queensland, and this can make it difficult, if not impossible at times to show the driver your digital ticket.

When it is safe and convenient to do so, please continue to show the driver your digital ticket.

At all other times, please feel free to safely board the bus, and take a seat without showing your ticket. Please make sure you have booked a valid digital ticket through ODIN PASS. 

Please be advised that ODIN PASS can only be used to travel through Central Station when entering via the Ann Street entrance.

Ticketing officers (Senior Network Officers) will randomly check ODIN PASS digital tickets. It is critical you book a digital ticket when using TransLink public transport services to avoid receiving a fine.

Please show the driver your ticket if you are requested to do so, but remember you do not need to use your goCard, and bus drivers should not be asking you to do so. You can read more here on what you should do if a driver or operator doesn't know about ODIN PASS.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at: