ODIN PASS and Neuron have worked closely to bring our users a seemless sign-up experience. In addition to unlimited public transport, we also offer unlimited Neuron in our bundles (up to 90 minutes per day) which cover both electric scooters and electric bikes. Our Starter plan also includes a postpaid discount on each trip you book and pay Neuron directly for.

In order to access these offers it is critical you make sure your Neuron account (new or existing) has the same (UQ) email address as your ODIN PASS account. If you don't, the Neuron benefits you have purchased will not be properly applied and you will need to contact us to resolve the issue. This also applies to any bonus offers from Neuron.

You will still need to fill out your credit card details in the Neuron app to pay for any penalty fees that may apply due to improper use, as per Neuron's Terms of Service, however, you will not be charged directly by Neuron for your monthly plan as this is included in your ODIN PASS plan - unless you exceed the 90 minute daily limit.

If you already have an active subscription with Neuron, your new unlimited month pass (included with ODIN PASS) will not start until your current Neuron pass expires.

Setup instructions:


1. Download the Neuron App: iOS / Android

2. Open the Neuron App, enter your phone number, followed by a SMS verification code, and then your ODIN PASS (UQ) email

3. Add a payment method for security purposes

As outlined by Neuron, you may receive a $6 authorisation hold from your payment method directly from Neuron. This temporary hold will be quickly refunded by Neuron.

3. Go to Step 1 for Existing Neuron Users


1. Open the Neuron App and tap the top-left menu (three horizontal bars)

2. Tap your registered mobile number (top-left)

3. Check you Neuron email is the same as your ODIN PASS (UQ) email

It is important that your email is verified. If you need to change the email address in Neuron to be the same as your ODIN PASS account email, Neuron will send you a new verification email. Please complete this verification step before purchasing any plans in ODIN PASS.

6. You are now ready to purchase a bundle in ODIN PASS. Go to the ODIN PASS subscription page in our app, and select one of the options. 

7. If you have purchased a plan including Unlimited Neuron your pass should show in the Neuron app within 5 to 10 minutes. To check, click the top-left menu in the Neuron app, and select 'Rates and Passes'

8. Unlimited users should see the Monthly Pass active, instead of Pay-per-Ride. Unlimited users can use Neuron for up to 90 minutes per day at no additional cost to what you have paid ODIN PASS (excluding penalties that may apply as per Neuron's Terms of Service)

9. Please ensure you DO NOT turn on 'auto-renew' in the Neuron app, otherwise you will be automatically charged for the next month by Neuron directly; ODIN PASS will not be able to refund this charge to you as it is processed outside our platform

Note that our Plus bundle provides you with up to 90 minutes of use per day (e-bikes and e-scooters combined). You can check how many minutes you have used each day directly in the Neuron app, as shown above.

10. If the monthly pass plan is not showing as active in Neuron, and you have purchased an ODIN PASS bundle including Unlimited Neuron, please confirm you have used the same UQ email in Neuron as you have used for ODIN PASS. 

If you have not, please change your Neuron account email to be the same as your ODIN PASS email, and contact us ASAP as we will need to manually apply your unlimited pass in Neuron.

Wanting to redeem Neuron's bonus $10 credit offer? Click here

If you have any questions or are encountering problems, please feel free to contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au