This issue has now been resolved. If you experience similar issues, please contact us at:

We are aware some users are experiencing issues when trying to book public transport using ODIN PASS today. 

We are working with our app developer Skedgo to resolve this bug ASAP. 

Temporary Solution for iOS:

For iOS users, the ticket may book on the second tap. Alternatively, tap the "X" button, tap the "Go" button to go back to the book ticket window, and then try booking again.

Temporary Solution for Android:

For Android users, although it may appear that the public transport ticket is not being booked, if you tap the "X" button, and then tap the "Go" button to go back to the ticket menu, your booked ticket should now be visible. It may also be available from the home screen/main menu under the "Ticket & Logs" menu.

We apologise for this inconvenience and hope to have the issue resolved soon.

If you have been affected by this issue, and have had to use your goCard, please send us a screenshot of the goCard/Translink transaction, and we will refund the cost to you:

Thanks for your continuing support of our trial.