Once you have purchased your ODIN PASS subscription, you are ready to begin your travel journey with ODIN PASS! 

In order to use the myriad of transport options that are now available to you, you will need to use the ODIN PASS app to book a digital ticket for each trip you decide to take through ODIN PASS. Simply purchasing a subscription is not enough. You must book a ticket for every trip you take.

Booking an digital ticket is a simple process. A full guide can be found for iOS users here and Android users here

Once you have booked your digital ticket, tapping the "Show Ticket" button will bring up the ticket which is then shown to the driver to board a bus or the gate operator to gain access to a Train Station platform. 

Once booked, your digital ticket will look similar to this:

1. The current time and date (running digital clock)

2. Your name and profile photo. Please note that you must have a photo photo set for your ticket to be considered valid

3. Your booked method of transportation

4. The origin and destination for your booked trip 

5. This image will be blue for Staff users and Green for student users. 

Translink has issued its own ticketing advice about ODIN PASS, which can be viewed here.

Please note, any users found to not have a valid booked digital ticket may be issued a fine, forfeit any subscription fees paid, and be permanently removed from the ODIN PASS trial.

If you have any questions about booking tickets using ODIN PASS, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au