We are very appreciative for your fantastic support of this research trial! 

The University of Queensland is the only university in the world that has access to an innovative Mobility as a Service (MaaS) program like this, and your participation is crucial for helping us to demonstrate how MaaS could be expanded in the future, beyond UQ, and beyond just a trial.

As this trial is first and foremost a research project that is investigating how MaaS could be sustainably deployed, there will be times when we need to change the inclusions and/or prices of our bundles to try to achieve a sustainable and equitable program.

We have included some key points below about these bundles changes, in case you are unsure about what it means for you:

1. ODIN PASS will always provide users with at least 72 hours notice before an upcoming change to our bundles, to give you the opportunity to decide whether to purchase a current or new bundle. 

2. Any new bundles we offer will generally appear in the app before the existing bundles are removed.

3. Bundle inclusions/price changes are not retrospective. This means that you never have to pay extra fees beyond what you have already paid. The updated pricing and/or inclusions only apply to new purchases made in the app.

4. You do not need to wait until your current bundle expires in order to purchase your next month's bundle.

5. There is never any obligation to renew or buy a new bundle. If you want to take a break from the program, you are welcome to, and you can rejoin at anytime in the future - while the trial continues to run. 

6. In the future we may introduce ongoing, subscription-type bundles that automatically renew, however, this is not yet a feature that we offer; so all of our current bundles are prepaid for 30 days access, with no ongoing commitment or obligation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au 

Our bundle prices and inclusions will always be kept up to date at our home page: www.odinpass.com.au