Payment Declined in the App

Insufficient Funds in Your Account

If you find that your payments are repeatedly declined, please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to complete the payment. 

Reinstall the App

If you cannot complete your payment after confirming that you have sufficient funds in your account, uninstalling and reinstalling the ODIN PASS app will refresh your connection to our servers and may allow the payment to go through. 

Contact ODIN PASS Customer Support

If following the above steps does not resolve your payment issue, please contact ODIN PASS Customer Support by email at so that we may help you resolve your problem.

Cannot Book tickets through the ODIN PASS app

No Active Transport Pass 

If you find yourself unable to book a ticket after searching for and choosing your preferred route in the app, please check to make sure that your purchase Transport Pass is still active.

If you do not have an active Transport Pass, you will need to purchase one to continue using the ODIN PASS app. A list of available transport passes can be found by tapping the 'Manage' button under the 'Monthly transport pass' tab on the home screen of the app.