Last Updated: 3.04 PM, 13th of March, 2023

ODIN PASS has recently become aware of an issue on some iOS devices that is preventing users from viewing digital public transport tickets for booked trips. 

For those affected, the issue causes the "Book" button to remain after being tapped by users instead of changing to the "Show Ticket" button. 

We are urgently working with out technology provider to resolve this issue, and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience of this issues.

We have developed a temporary workaround that will allow users to still view their digital ticket, and board public transport services with ODIN PASS.

1. Begin your trip and Tap the "Book" button. Wait for it to load.

2. If after tapping the "Book" button it reappears, and does not display 'Show Ticket', exit back to the home screen of the app. 

3. Under the "Tickets and Logs" tab, tap your booked trip. This will bring up your digital ticket.