Last Updated: 10:30 am, 14/03/2023

Our team has recently been made aware of an issue when attempting to book trips involving trains through ODIN PASS. This has been caused by an unexpected change in how Translink sends its data to our technology provider, Skedgo.

Skedgo is currently working hard to resolve this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused in the interim

While this issue is being resolved, ODIN PASS e-tickets are valid for any services travelling from the starting point to the final destination listed on the ticket. This means they can be used to take services that are not included in the selected route as long as they are travelling to the same destination listed on the ticket. 

In the example below, the trip is starting at Indooroopilly and ending at Ann Street. The booked ticket is valid for all Translink services travelling in the same direction between this starting point and end point.

If the precise trip you are expecting/wanting to take is not showing in the app, please book any services shown that take you from the same starting to the same end point, and this booked ticket will still be valid for use.

If your ticket is checked by Translink officer, they should be aware of tickets being valid for use on any services between the same origin and destination. If there are any issues, we can be contacted at: 

Apologies again and we hope this issue is resolved shortly.